Anthill Farms Winery

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We got our first wine account on account of scotch.

Jen was having scotch in Healdsburg when the bartender mentioned three guys who were starting a winery. Jen knocked backed her scotch and then knocked on their door. Anthony, Dave and Web, had major winemaking chops but this was their first independent project. Never interested in being trendy or mainstream, they just wanted to make great wine from great vineyards. A simple label design with vineyard information right up front mirrored Anthill’s focus. We also bucked convention with their communications by never showing product, and instead relying on evocative photography and illustration to tell the story. The result? Their first vintage was 250 cases. Eleven years later they produce 7,000 cases, selling out every year. Because their branding is authentic to them, it has grown with them and remains strong. The label was even featured in SF MoMA’s “Design + Wine” exhibition.

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