Bluxome Street Winery

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BSW trusted us not only with a brand, but also a blowtorch. That’s saying a lot.

When Matt approached us, he had a great idea, a vineyard and a half-built space in SOMA. A San Francisco native and history buff, Matt knew that in the years between the gold rush and Prohibition, SF was a bustling, raucous city packed to the gills with people making wine. He wanted to revive this tradition by building a working winery in the heart of the city—the first since they were so discourteously shut down in 1924. He needed a brand, yes, but also help bringing his vision to reality overall. We were game. From literally setting fire to the walls of the tasting room (to give the wood an aged, distressed look), to transforming demijohns to light fixtures to building a brand look, tone and feel that fondly looks back while unapologetically striding forward.

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