Point Reyes Compost Company

Identity Messaging Naming Packaging Illustration Collateral Interactive Design

If you’re really good at branding, you can sell anything. Even if it’s crap.

Point Reyes Compost Company wanted to enter the marketplace and stand out from the compost crowd. Most brands tend to shy away from what they’re actually selling—yes, crap—with both their imagery and copy. Our solution? Don’t apologize. In fact, celebrate the crap out of it. We gave them a tagline: “Purveyors of premium poop” and a rallying cry: “Don’t let anyone else give you crap.” We designed packaging that shows exactly what animal “handcrafted” the product within and had fun with product naming. Not only has the company taken off, we’re pretty sure it’s the world’s only compost company successfully selling logo wear. ‚Äč