Rustic Bakery

Messaging Packaging

How do you create a cracker brand that stands out? It’s a matter of black and white.

Rustic Bakery was a successful café and bakery in Marin that was selling a lot of flatbread crackers. They wanted to broaden their market and they needed package design that would help them stand out on crowded shelves. At the time, they were selling their flatbreads in celo bags because it was easy to fulfill and allowed customers to see the product. That said, it also made for a lot of cracked crackers. We not only gave them a box (far better for keeping the product whole), we gave them stark white packaging with black copy that highlighted their quality ingredients and unique flavors. Quickly their sales more than doubled and they launched a cookie line as well. You can find them on Virgin America flights and at high-end food bars in wrap packs and mini-packs we designed. Did we happen to mention how well these crackers go with Point Reyes Blue Cheese?

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